Indoor Playground

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(PLEASE show up 15 minutes early to check in we fill up quickly)
Columbia City Gym located at
5034 37th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118
What: A chance for young children, ages 12 months to five years (yes, 6 and up is too old) to play in our gym. With parental supervision, young gymnasts play, jump, run, climb, swing, bounce, roll, hang, balance and hop on SGA's wide variety of gymnastics equipment. The trampoline and Tumbl Trak are common favorites, not to mention our huge foam pit! Come join the fun. Some equipment is off limits, but all the fun stuff is there for your child's pleasure.
Who: Children through age 5. Please remember that children must be 5 or under.
Your group must have no more than 3 kids per adult and every child has a PARENT-SIGNED WAIVER FORM. You can download the waiver form from our website.
Health insurance coverage is also required.
Cost: $6 per child ($4 for children enrolled in SGA's classes). Parents are free.
*Payment begins when your child is 12 months
** Punch Cards are available that reduce the price

Punch Card Pricing
A punch card if you are enrolled in class:
5 punches with 1 free is $ 20.00
10 punches with 3 free is $40.00
A punch card if you are not enrolled in class:
5 punches with 1 free is $30.00
10 punches with 3 free is $ 60.00

Rules for Indoor Playground

  • Adults must stay with the children at all times.
  • Parents are NOT ALLOWED on the equipment at any time.
  • No shoes allowed in the gym area and children MUST be barefoot.
  • High Beams and High Bars are OFF Limits ­ please do not use this equipment as it is too BIG for the children.
  • One (1) child on the Tumbl Trak (long trampoline) at a time and only in one direction.
  • Max 2 children on the Trampoline at a time.
  • The Foam Pit is a lot of fun but can be dangerous, so please remember only land on feet or bottoms ­ NEVER head first or stomach first.
  • Please use the Restroom for changing diapers and dispose diapers in the diaper genie, located in the restroom.
  • If your child has a "potty" accident, please notify the supervisor immediately so appropriate cleaning may be done.