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  • Parties are for 1-14 year olds (please note that there can be no more than a 3 year age difference between the youngest and oldest child participating in the party due to safety concerns)
  • Parties include 1 hour of private gym time
  • Followed by 45 minutes in your private party area
  • Assistance in your party room
  • We provide all the paper products
  • Each child will receive a goodie bag
  • We do all the set up and all the clean up

All you have to do is bring the kids and the any food items you would like!

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<Parties for 1-4 year olds>  Indoor Playground Party

<Parties for 4-12 year olds>A Structured Party

<Parties for 7-14 year olds>Friday Night Party

When you want an active party for lots of kids -- think of our 15,000 square feet of child-friendly, rain-proof space!

General Information

NORTH GYM vs. SOUTH GYM:  Which space should I book for my child's party?

The NORTH GYM is best suited for younger age groups (5 & under). This means that all party participants should be under the age of 5.  The equipment featured on this side of the gym is scaled to accommodate preschool age gymnasts and is not suited for larger kids.  The NORTH GYM does feature an in ground trampoline, foam pit, and a rope swing!  Birthday parties in the NORTH GYM include: 1 hr of Indoor Playground (IP) gymnastics play, then 45 min. in the private party area. 

The SOUTH GYM is best suited for older age groups (6 & older). The SOUTH GYM can be booked for all age groups, but it does feature our regular size gymnastics equipment which may be too large for smaller gymnasts to reach.  The SOUTH GYM features a tumble track, in ground trampoline, foam pit, rock wall, and ring swing!  Birthday parties in the SOUTH GYM include: 1 hr of Structured (ST) or Indoor Playground (IP) gymnastics play, then 45 min. in the private party area. 

Lead Times: Call early to reserve your date. Call 206-362-7447 in Seattle to schedule your party. During the bad weather seasons, parties typically book up about two months in advance. During the summer, two or three weeks is usually enough lead time.

Payment: Once you pay us, we book staff and space irretrievably. Due to these commitments, your initial payment and your final payment for your party are non-refundable.   If you discover a conflict with your chosen date, you may change the party date one time provided that the original party date is greater than 3 weeks away from the day that you request the change. This change must be done either in person or over the phone with a registrar. No changes will be made if just a message is left.  If you change the party date with less than 3 weeks notice, you will forfeit the deposit/payment.


  • We will assign you a party area based on your party's estimated size.
  • Please be sure to give us a high end estimate for kids and an estimated adult head count so we can accomidate your party's space needs.


  • The host family should arrive no more than 15 minutes early to greet their guests.
  • 30 minutes before the gymnastics portion of the party ends, the party room will be available and setup.
  • Children should wear gym clothes (active wear) and will have bare feet during gym time. Jeans are not allowed on the equipment. Shorts and t-shirts are fine. Long hair should be tied back.
  • Only children who are invited guests may be on the equipment. Sorry, no adults on any equipment.
  • You provide the birthday cake, ice cream and drinks.
  • Time in the party room is set at up to 45 minutes. Please be considerate of the next party and end your party on time.
  • Please let parents know when dropping off thier children that they should arrive 10 minute before a party's scheduled end time to pick up in order to be sure you do not go over on your room time and incure a fee.
  • SGA assumes no responsiblity for lost or stolen items, so please keep track of your personal items. Don't wear anything valuable in the pit! If lost in the pit, whatever it is (PDA's, phones, ear rings, jewelry, etc.) it may stay lost for three to six months! As we have no record of lost items, these items may never be returned.

What to do on the day of your party:

  • On arrival, you will be met by the SGA birthday host who will show you where to leave party supplies and food while the kids get ready for gym time.
  • As children arrive, have children remove socks, shoes and outer wear.  Let parents know to arrive 10 minutes prior to the party's end time to help their children collect their things.
  • About midway through the gym time, the SGA birthday host will let the family know their room is ready and will help move everything into the room.
  • When the gym hour is over, the kids will be shown into the party room for all parent planned activities such as treats and presents. You will have up to 45 minutes in the party room. Talk with the SGA party host or hostess if you have any questions about this.
  •  Once your 45 minutes in the party room is over you will collect only what you would like to keep and you leave the mess for us to clean up. 
  • Sorry, SGA does not allow piñatas, confetti or silly string. 


Ask your friends who have been here -- our parties get great reviews!

Each party customer turns in a report card on how we did. Here are some examples:

"We did our daughters bday party here and it was a great experience. The staff was very helpful and they're really nice, what I also like is that we could bring our own food and cake and we don't have to have some cardboard pizza like most gymnastics or jumping places. A lot of the parents gave us positive feedback about the place and all the kids had a good time we will definitely be bringing our daughter back here open play days. thanks a lot to the staff" - January 2013

"Chantel is delightful to work with!  Second time she has done a party we've been to and we adore her!! - November 20, 2010

"Did your children enjoy the gym time?  "This was a 10+++ (really should be a 15). The staff was so good -- they even got to know the kids names without nametags. Just excellent!"

"Coach Nicole was amazing! Seriously, the best -- we have 3 kids and Mika is the youngest so we've been around the block and seen many a teacher lead parties. This was the best. Can we have Nicole as a nanny? Seriously, The BEST!!!!" 8/9/10

"Dear Barb -- I am writing to let you know what a success the birthday party was on June 10th. This was my 1st attempt to have a party with lots of kids and as a single parent I wasn't sure if I could actually pull it off...! I did & what really helped me was the wonderful help from all of your staff. Diane "talked" me through the logistics in the planning stages and let me take home the "goodie bags" earlier in the week.One child has a nut allergy & I wanted to make certain the candy would pass muster -- it did. Elaine, Keith and Emily were so enthusiastic and careful with children new to gymnastics. Their professionalism & take charge attitude allowed me to really relax. The party room was clean, ready & the exact right size. Thank you for the balloons and for making the shoes & socks appear magically. [Susan] has told so many neighbors what fun the party was for her -- thanks so much. This party will be a great memory for us!" -- Happy Mom, June 2009