Boys Program

Seattle Gymnastics Academy offers classes for Boys age 3.5-18 years. Whether your son is just beginning to run and climb, or if he's progressed to using your couch as his personal trampoline - SGA has a class that will harness and direct that enthusiasm in a fun and safe environment!

Patrick Maloney trains a handstandBeginning Boys Gymnastics-

The goal of our Learn Skills and Learn Gymnastics classes is to introduce the boys to gymnastics activity.   These classes consist of basic strength and skills on the Boys' apparatus:  Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Parallel Bars and Horizontal Bar - as well as instruction in beginning Tumbling and Trampoline. 

LEARN SKILLS || Boys 3.5-4.5Y (Formerly Boys Ions)

(3.5-4 yrs.) a 45-minute class for young boys who are new to gymnastics classes.  Ions focus on learning basic gymnastics skills on the Boys' apparatus, and will be introduced to some basic strength and flexibility - all in a FUN class geared toward preschool boys.  Ions classes are offered in the morning and early-afternoon.

LEARN SKILLS 1 ||  Boys 5Y (Formerly Boys Sparks)

(5 yrs.) a 60-minute introductory boys gymnastics class with focus on proper skill progression and fundamental strength development. Before promotion to Learn Boys skills 1 classes, boys should be able to follow direction and perform simple drills with some autonomy. Learn Boys Skills 1 classes are designed to keep the boys busy for the entire hour - and avoid waiting in lines.  Upon graduation from Learn Boys Skills 1, boys will have a good acrobatic foundation of proper Handstands and Cartwheels, and a good fundamental understanding of gymnastics swing and strength. Learn Boys Skills 1 classes are offered in the mornings and afternoons. Note: If they are 4 years old, they will need to be promoted, if they are 5 years old then they can enroll. 

LEARN GYMNASTICS 1 || Boys 6Y (Formerly Boys Fundamentals)

(6 yrs) a 60-minute introductory boys gymnastics class with focus on skill and sequence development and fundamental strength and flexibility development.

LEARN GYMNASTICS 1 || Boys 7-10Y (Formerly Stars)

(7-10 yrs.) a 60-minute introductory boys gymnastics class with focus on proper skill progression and fundamental strength development. Learn Boys Skills 2 classes offer an appropriate challenge for 7-10 year old boys who are brand new (or new-er) to gymnastics.  Boys will work on developing proper swing on the boys' apparatus, as well as develop good basic tumbling skills.  Upon completion of the Learn Boys Skills 2 curriculum, boys will have the good basic skills necessary to practicing more difficult gymnastics skills, and the physical strength to apply their skills as they progress in level.

Alec Leads Boys Learning Gymnastics Shapes

Intermediate Boys Gymnastics-

Our classes for boys age 5 - 14 strive to increase boys' strength, skill and agility through active, FUN classes. We wish to not only teach these boys great gymnastics skills, but to enrich them through their participation here. Our goal for this age is to promote to kids and parents that Gymnastics can be an integral part of a healthy, active lifestyle or a strong complement to other Sports.

LEARN GYMNASTICS 2 || Boys 5-10Y (Formerly Novas )

(5+ yrs. intermediate) A 1-hour Advanced-beginning to Intermediate gymnastics class.  Boys who wish to enroll in a Learn Boys Gymnastics 2 class should have graduated from Learn Boys Skills 1, Learn Boys Gymnastics 1, or have instructor permission. Learn Boys Gymnastics 2 classes offer a greater challenge – both in the amount of strength and conditioning and also in the complexity of gymnastics skills taught. Upon completion of the Learn Boys Gymnastics 2 curriculum, boys will be able to perform combinations of gymnastics skills on all 6 apparatus.

LEARN GYMNASTICS 3 || Boys 8-12Y (Formerly GymAction! 1/Rockets)

(8-12) Intermediate/Advanced) a 90-minute class for Intermediate and Advanced recreational boys that expands on the Learn Boys Gymnastics 2 curriculum and may also include training and preparation for team. Rockets meet once or twice per week, and dedicate a larger portion of their daily class to strength and flexibility. Learn Boys Gymnastics 3 classes focus on developing a variety of basic skills, but allow each boy to attempt higher level skills based on his aptitude.

LEARN TUMBLING 1 || Boys 6-12Y (Formerly Beginning Boys Tumbling)

(Beginning and intermediate; 6-12 yrs.) a 90-minute class that provides a place for boys to focus on tumbling and flipping in a safe environment.  Beginner Tumbling classes are available to all boys 6-12, and will focus on developing correct Somersaults, Handstands and Cartwheels, as well as basic trampoline skills.  Intermediate/Advanced tumblers will work on connecting these skills and also learn Front and Back-handsprings, as well as Front and Backward flipping skills.  All Tumbling classes train on the Floor Exercise as well as the Trampoline.



Competitive Gymnastics Path-

The SGA Boys' team is selected as boys move up in ablility and desire more structured training.  Boys teams are generally chosen from Dynamos and Rockets classes by instructor invitation.  For boys who are not currently in a Dynamos or Rockets class, an open tryout is available in April.

PREP JO SKILLS 1 || Boys 5-7Y (Formerly Dynamos)

(Accelerated 5-7) a 90-minute class for Advanced Beginner and Intermediate boys who are interested in an accelerated recreational class or preparation for the boys team.  Prep JO Boys Skills 1 classes expand the recreational curriculum by adding 30 minutes of strength and gymnastics skills per class. Prep JO Boys Skills 1 classes are ideal for the boys who are looking for a greater challenge than our 60-minute classes provide.  Boys in Learn Boys Skills 1 4-5Y, Learn Boys Gymnastics 1 7-10Y and Learn Boys Gymnastics 2 5-12Y may sign up for Prep JO Boys Skills 1 class - but should check with their instructor to see if this class is appropriate.




To discuss your son's placement or advancement, contact Thomas Boslaugh at 206-362-7447 ext. 115. At  Ballard, ask for Alec Bye: 206-782-1496.  At Columbia City, ask for Cory Wood: 206-782-1496.